save drinking water

Here are ten ways how to save drinking water:

When making a hot drink, make sure you do not fill the kettle with more water than you actually need. This will save water and take less electricity to boil.
Try not to pour more want than you are likely to drink. For example, instead of drinking out of a full pint glass you could pour less water or just use a smaller glass. You will then drink all of your water instead of pouring some down the drain.
Many people waste water by letting the tap run cold before filling up their glass. You can save water by filling a jug or bottle with tap water and keeping this in the fridge. By doing this you can enjoy ice cold water without wasting a drop.
When you open a large bottle of water, remember to place it back in the fridge with the lid screwed on. Alternatively you can just buy smaller bottles. Either way, it’s a waste if you throw away an open bottle because you didn’t drink it all.
Don’t drink too much water at once as your body will be unable to absorb all the fluid. Try drinking moderate amounts of water regularly throughout the day.
If you buy several bottles of water at the supermarket, check the sell by date and make sure you drink it all in time.
When you have ice left in your cup, don’t throw it in the bin but place it on a plant instead so when it melts your plant benefit from the water
Do not turn the tap on too fast when filling your glass or some water will splash and be wasted.
Consider buying a water filter for your tap instead of drinking bottled water. This will help the environment by reducing the need for plastic bottles. This principal can also be applied in the workplace by installing a water fountain.
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